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What is the difference between VPS and VPN?

VPS and VPN are two terms whose acronyms are similar and often get mixed up. Each of them, however, refers to very different types of services. VPS refers to a virtual private server and is a form of web hosting. VPN refers to a technology and service that allows you to remain anonymous while using the web. VPN secures your identity.

What is VPS?

VPS refers to a form of web hosting which provides you with a virtual server environment to host your website. A server is generally a computer where you store data and website files. There are different forms of web hosting such as shared hosting, dedicated hosting, managed hosting, cloud hosting, among others.

VPS hosting uses virtualization technology to split out one physical server into multiple virtual servers. Through this web hosting solution, you have more access to server resources. You also have the ability to expand these resources when you experience changes in traffic. VPS servers operate under a private server environment, and therefore, you will not be sharing resources with other users.

VPS hosting, how does it work?

VPS hosting allows you to run multiple virtualized operating systems from a single machine. A good example is if you currently have a MacBook running on macOS, you do not have to restart it to switch to window 10.

Advantages of VPS hosting

If you considering using VPS hosting, here are some of its advantages

  • More server customization

    VPS hosting allows you to add features that you require for your website. You only pay for the services that you need.

  • Availability of technical support

    VPS hosting gives you access to technical support staff who have more hands-on support services as compared to other web hosting solutions.

  • Greater server control

    Web hosting allows you to have root access as well as the ability to run server scripts.

  • Cost-effectiveness

    VPS hosting allows you to have access to all the services of a dedicated server, without incurring the cost of a dedicated physical server.

Disadvantages of VPS hosting

  • Resource allocation issues

    Your site's performance may be slowed down in instances where another site running on VPS experiences increased traffic and uses a considerable volume of the physical server resources.

  • It is expensive

    Though not as expensive as a dedicated server, VPS hosting is more expensive as compared to other web hosting solutions.

What is VPN?

VPN is an acronym which stands for a virtual private network. VPN creates a secure and private network that secures your data and files over the entire network connection. If you connect to the internet on any device without the VPN not being enabled, any person with the right tools has access to the transmitted data. When sharing sensitive information such as emails or bank details, ensure that the VPN is on.

Advantages of using VPN

Some of the essential benefits of VPN are

  • Data protection

    VPN encrypts your data before sending it over the network, ensuring that it is safe from prying eyes.

  • Access to geo-restricted content

    VPN gives you access content that may be restricted geographically.

  • Online safety

    When using free Wi-Fi, VPN protects you from hackers who may want to steal your confidential information.

Disadvantages of using VPN

  • Slow internet connection

    VPN adds layers of internet connection which slows down your internet connection. If your internet is already slow, VPN could make it virtually unusable.

  • Security issues

    Correct configurations are required for your VPN to work properly. In some instances, IP and DNS leaks occur.

  • The VPN connection can drop

    If your VPN connection drops, you lose existing anonymity.


VPS and VPN both use virtual technology in their interaction with servers. However, VPS and VPN each has a distinctive purpose.

VPS is useful to most businesses due to its powerful server hosting abilities to support advanced applications and websites.

VPN is useful to both businesses and individuals as it keeps their privacy and allows them to change their geographical location.

VPN does not have the ability to host websites or applications. Instead, VPN influences the way internet traffic travels to keep sensitive information confidential as well as speed up internet connection.

VPS runs on hypervisor software that includes certain protection such as firewalls. This, however, does not make them more secure than the traditional soft wares. Applications, information, and websites hosted by VPS are prone to hacks or government surveillance. VPS provides server hosting and not data security.

VPNs are designed around security features such as IP masking, encryption, no-log policies, tunneling, and kill switches.

VPS does not have the ability to change the location of the internet traffic. If you are using VPS in a geo-restricted country, you will not be able to get around geo-blocks. VPNs h ave the ability to change the IP address and bypass geo-blocking.

VPN vs. VPS, which is the best option for my business?

If you need a server to host your business or e-commerce store, VPS is the most considerable option to meet your needs. It has the combined benefits of a dedicated and shared server. VPS is also an appropriate option if you want to run complex applications or perform heavy tasks on the CPU.

As a business, it is crucial to safeguard your information and files on the internet. VPN can assist you in safeguarding your information. As an individual, you can also use VPN to stream geo-blocked shows, buy plane tickets or use p2p file-sharing or browse the internet without restrictions.

While VPS and VPN serve different purposes, they can be combined. You can use VPS hosting solution to create your own VPN. If you are tech-savvy, you will definitely avoid the charges from VPN providers by creating your own VPN. IT experts will sometimes use VPS as a VPN. Setting up a VPN on a VPS requires expertise. If you are not confident on setting up a VPS VPN, consider purchasing from top rated VPN providers and install it on your device.

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